Residential block management

Zip can help improve security, cleanliness and resident experience at apartment blocks and private estates.

Residential services

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We make life easy for you!

Zip is a proud provider of residential facilities management services to create the best user experience available to residents.

Many residential facility management clients take advantage of the community platforms and systems we are able to implement to improve the user experience of the residential site.

Soft services include:

  • Washroom management
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
  • Gritting & snow clearance
  • Caretaker and janitorial staffing
  • Grounds and carpark maintenance
ALB Investments

We even do the big stuff!

Facilities management is generally split in to hard services and soft services. Hard services is the term given for services which generally include the inspection, testing and servicing of physical or tangible assets or equipment. Normally, hard services are required for compliance for a site.

We can carry out integrated hard facility management support services to ensure complete client satisfaction and site compliance.

Hard services include:

  • Mechanical and electrical testing and inspection
  • Plumbing and gas
  • Fire and emergency systems
  • Working at heights
  • Gates and barriers
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

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We’ve been using zip to manage our residential block in Newark. They’ve done a fantastic job!

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